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Become a Russian Videogame Tester Operative

2024-02-13 Lisboa Informática Ref: 241-001122-1

🌫️🔔 Descend into the Linguistic Fog: Join Our Silent Hill as a Russian Videogame Tester! 🎮

Enter the enigmatic world of videogame industry as a Russian Language Videogame Tester and be part of crafting atmospheric gaming experiences! Are you ready to explore the foggy realms of linguistic perfection, where every word echoes like a distant bell in the haunting landscapes?

What You'll Do:

Navigate the mist-shrouded corridors of linguistic testing, ensuring our games evoke the eerie ambiance of Silent Hill.
Uncover hidden linguistic horrors, addressing them with the precision required to maintain the atmospheric excellence of videogames.
Collaborate with a team of developers to ensure the language in our games is as hauntingly beautiful as the iconic soundtrack of the game.

Fluent in Russian, with the ability to communicate the haunting nuances of language.
Proven experience in Videogame testing, with the meticulousness required to survive enigmatic challenges.
Attention to detail that captures the essence of atmospheric storytelling.
Team player skills to collectively delve into the mysteries of linguistic excellence.

Why Join Our Silent Realm:

Engage in linguistic experiences that send shivers down the spine of gamers worldwide.
Inclusive and atmospheric work environment inspired by the chilling brilliance of horror videogames.
Opportunities to deepen your understanding of linguistic horror and advance your career.
Competitive compensation and benefits as mysterious and alluring as the fog.
Ready to Descend into Linguistic Horror? Apply Now!

Step into the fog, embrace the unknown, and join us in crafting games that leave players haunted, just like the franchises that you played in the past such as Silent Hill and Resident Rvil!
Porque acreditamos no Talento sem etiquetas, estamos comprometidos com a não discriminação, promovendo a diversidade, a inclusão e a equidade no mercado de trabalho.
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